Pia Mia Shines With An Acting Debut in ‘After’

Pia Mia is back with her acting debut in ‘After’ and a new single ‘Bitter Love’.

It seems like 2019 is the year of Pia Mia. Along with her new comeback single, ‘Bitter Love’, she is all set for her acting debut as Tristan in ‘After’. “I love waking up and going straight into two hour glam, it’s my favorite way to start the day” she said when asked about her upcoming press days.

Written by Anna Todd, ‘After’ is a five-book series that has officially been adapted to the big screen. The film follows the story of a college freshman, Tessa Young, who crosses paths with the campus bad-boy Hardin Scott, and the new friends she makes along the way such as Tristan, played by Pia Mia. Tristan is joined by her partner Steph, played by Khadijha Red Thunder. Tristan was originally written for a male character in the book; however, Pia Mia got the opportunity to make the character her own in the film and portray an endearing couple on screen. 

See our chat with Pia Mia below on the new role, the leap from singing to acting, and how her role reminds her of her first love.

How was preparing for your role as Tristan in ‘After’ different compared to making music?

I studied the script, read the books, and worked closely with Anna Todd. In music, I’m pulling from my own life story and with this movie, it’s someone else’s story.

How did you feel about playing an LGBTQ+ character? Did you feel an added pressure playing her character?

Of course I want to portray her the right way and represent the LGBTQ+ community well and I hope that people love Tristan and Steph’s relationship because it is so endearing. I didn’t feel any pressure. I just think love is love. I think any great relationship is based off of friendship and that’s what Tristan and Steph have.

Would you like to take on more acting projects in the future?

Acting is so fun and I think it goes hand in hand with music. Music videos have an element of acting, so it makes sense to me. I love being creative and getting to share their experiences.

What was it like being on set? Any favorite moments?

Being on set was a very different experience for me and I learned a lot every day. I had so much fun working with Anna Todd, Jenny Gage, and all the producers. I think my favorite moment was the day before I filmed for the first time. Jenny had me come over to her house to go over the scene, and make sure I was comfortable and knew what to expect.

Your comeback single ‘Bitter Love’ is also the films theme song, how did that come about?

I had chosen “Bitter Love” as my single, and at the same time AFTER asked me to submit music to see if anything fit for the movie. When I sent “Bitter Love,” Anna texted me “This is so Hessa.” The fans have been really supportive and had a really positive reaction to it.

How did the transition to becoming an independent artist feel, did it influence your music making process?

I don’t think there is a different approach to making music because I’ve always kept it very genuine and I just like to talk about what I am going though in my life with my music. During my transition period, I created my own label Cherry Pie Records, which what everything is flowing through now. As an independent artist, I’m self-funding everything. I’m in control of the songs I’m putting out, the artwork, the videos, what I wear, how I look and what I stand for. I’m so happy that “Bitter Love” is the theme song for AFTER, because it’s my job to find the right platforms for my singles and projects to give them the best chance to be successful. AFTER is the perfect home for “Bitter Love.”

What can fans expect to see from you in the near future?

I’m very focused on “Bitter Love.” I’m about to shoot the music video for it, which is going to be different than anything my fans have seen before. I’m always in the studio and constantly shooting, so I’ll be keeping everyone well fed.


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