Pierpaolo Piccioli Presents Valentino’s Haute Couture Collection in Beijing

Valentino Dream showcases the brand’s masterful artistry.

Drafting the Valentino fantasy into existence, creative visionary Pierpaolo Piccioli presented an exceptional haute couture show yesterday to welcome the maison’s new storefront in Beijing. Industry nobility flocked to China’s capital city to spectate the show, titled Valentino Dream, as models debuted the Italian fashion house’s latest iteration of sartorial artistry. Among the historical Summer Palace’s royal tranquility, Valentino’s latest 45 masterpieces spoke to the brand’s forward-thinking mindset in all of their glittering and embellished glory.

Crafted for the eyes of the creatively-inspired and fashion-indulgent region, Piccioli bolstered the range’s Italian authenticity in a statement, defining it as “a real Italian haute couture collection—not anything to do with China. It’s important to keep your identity,” he continued, “especially when you bring your culture to another world and use it to evaluate the diversities.” Practicing mindfulness in respect to Chinese culture, Valentino Dream holds true to the maison’s Italian values and elegantly displays its silver shimmering faces and perfectly-tied pink bows to the audience of Beijing. 

Inspired by the grandiose charm of the Italian Renaissance, Valentino’s couture collection revitalizes the period’s refined taste with contemporary pops of bright colors and intricately detailed design processes. Dominant flashes of pink shades, vibrant greens, simple whites, and regal golds encapsulate the colorscape of the range, while patterned fabrics and textured designs add a dynamic aura to the collection’s completion. Among statement ensembles, a dress entirely covered in hundreds of pink-hued bows delicately bounced down the runway and a silver dress embroidered with an impressive 32,000 shining sequins captivated the audience’s entire attention. The final production’s precise execution and idiosyncratic perfection made for a presentation wholly original to the House and certainly faithful to Piccioli’s creative vision.

Indulge in the Valentino Dream in the slideshow below. 


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