The V Edit: Pins and Patches

The V Edit: Pins and Patches

The V Edit: Pins and Patches

Take a cue from the '90s and add a little flair to your wardrobe. With more causes to keep up with, the list of messages worth sending with your personal style just keeps growing.

Take a cue from the '90s and add a little flair to your wardrobe. With more causes to keep up with, the list of messages worth sending with your personal style just keeps growing.

Photography: Therese Aldgard

Text: Sara Zion

In Mike Judge’s 1999 cult film Office Space, Jennifer Aniston’s character is annoyed by her obligation to wear at least 15 “pieces of flair” at her TGI Fridays-esque place of employment. Now, almost two decades after the film’s release, it’s nearly impossible to miss patches and pins storming the catwalks and city streets. It seems that in our culture of personal branding, the need to individualize is stronger than ever. Brands like Rag & Bone paved the way with the monogrammed jackets sported by the models that walked their Fall 2014 runway; couple that value of personalization with the individualistic aesthetic employed by fashion brands like Gucci, DKNY, and Coach in recent seasons and you get the pin/patch craze that has slowly but steadily taken the industry by storm.

With this in mind, here's how to apply (literally) some of the best patches and pins available.


Easy Come Easy Go: Free Radicals

Sorrow: Inner Decay

Life Was Okay: Matt Darling

Fuck Forever: Ball & Chain

Mondays (Cooler): Rosehound Apparel

Skull Cat: Matt Darling


No Thanks: Matt Darling

Moon/Pentagram: Witch Worldwide

Whatever 4 Ever: Matt Darling

Vacation forever: Night Watch

Lost at Last: Explorer’s Press

Fuck ___: Ball & Chain

People to Kill: Explorer’s Press


Gimme Space: Matt Darling

40 oz: Mean Folk

Fist Full of Dollars: Mean Folk

Sad World: Ball & Chain

The Night is Alright: Explorer’s Press

Damaged Goods: Crooked Feet


Sasquatch: Night Watch

Inhaler: Free Radicals

Video Game: Crooked Feet

Floppy Disk: Free Radicals

EGO (2 pin set): Free Radicals

Toilet/Toiletpaper Set: Free Radicals

Whip: Little Whip

Edward Scissorhands: Laser Kitten

Hand Mirror: Ball & Chain

Rock Hand: Life Club

Spells: Witch WorldWide

Gems (2): Free Radicals

40 oz: Mean Folk

Shark: Crooked Feet

You’ll Be Glad You Did: Ball & Chain

Headless Barbie: Laser Kitten

Trash (Thank you): Free Radicals

Skull Pineapple: Mean Folk

Good Luck (Middle Finger): Ball & Chain

Bunny Mask: Little Whip

Woman’s Face: Ball & Chain


Care Bare: Laser Kitten

Waterfall: Night Watch

Loser Hand: Crooked Feet

Happy Pill: Little Arrow

Burger Lady: Night Watch

Tropical Drink: Valley Cruise

Black Flamingo: Inner Decay

Beer Can: Valley Cruise

Clarissa: Laser Kitten

Telephone: Little Arrow

Skull Watermelon: Crooked Feet


Butterfly: Life Club

Peach: Ball & Chain

Skull Pineapple: Mean Folk

Grapefruit: Big Bud Press

Desert: Explorer’s Press


Swan Chenille: Rosehound Apparel

Gem Mini: Big Bud Press

Life Was Ok: Macabre Art

Dusty Rose: Inner Decay

Sasquatch: Night Watch

Sorry I’m Not Sorry: Rosehound Apparel

Hello I’m Dying Inside: Inner Decay

RIP Feelings: Inner Decay

The night’s All-Right: Explorer’s Press

What’s Your Damage: Rosehound Apparel

What’s Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly: Life’s Club

Pink Tropical Fish: Valley Cruise Press

Holding Cocktail: Valley Cruises Press

Rose Garden: Rosehound Apparel

The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife: Inner Decay

Coffee Beer: Valley Cruise Press

An Unfillable Void: Ball & Chain

Spell: Witch Worldwide

Smoking Lamb: Sara M. Lyons

Winning Face: Valley Cruise Press


Pantone: Free Radicals

Lamp: Little Arrow

Heartbreak: Sara M. Lyons

Nokia: Laser Kitten

Lucky Cat: Laser Kitten

Butt with Rose: Valley Cruise Press

Yellow Phone: Little Arrow

Double Heart: Little Arrow

Old computer: Laser Kitten

It’s All Shit: Explorer’s Press


Double Rose: Valley Cruise Press

Words are Meaningless: Ball & Chain

Whatever Forever: Sara M. Lyons

Ouija: Witch Worldwide

Good luck Bunny: Matt Darling

Greeting From My Feelings: Inner Decay

Crying Face: Ball & Chain

Heaven Sent Hell Bound: Life Club


Mirror With Chain: Ball & Chain

Square Mirror: Ball & Chain

Black Rose: Inner Decay

Universe Citizen: Free radicals

Blue and Pink Pill: Inner Decay

Society of Misery & Regrets: Ball & Chain

Abacada: Free radicals

Stair: Mean Folk

Pink Flamingo: Inner Decay

White Rose: Rosehound Apparel

Smoking lamb: Sara M. Lyons

Black Lip: Little Whip

Rose Garden: Ball & Chain

Golden Skull: Inner Decay

Red Rose: Ball & Chain

Four Corners Star: Free radical

Pink Bottle: Rosehound Apparel


H33M: H33M

Boot: Little Whip

RIP Feelings: Inner Decay

Cigarettes: Rosehound Apparel

Car on Fire: Crooked Feet

X-Ray Vision: Night Watch

Dance with the Devil: Mean Folk

No Time for Anything: Explorer’s Press

25¢ Book: Free Radicals

The Janes: The Janes

11:11: Free Radicals

Girl Crying: Ball & Chain

Cat Moon: Matt Darling

Gun: Rosehound Apparel

Leather Gloved Hands: Little Whip

Heaven Sent/Hell Bound: Life Club


Black Cat: Rosehound Apparel

White Cat: Rosehound Apparel

Red Rose: Big Bud Press

Pink Gem: Big Bud Press

Life Was Okay: Matt Darling

Palm Tree scene: Valley Cruise Press

Tired of Earth: Life Club

Rose in Hand: Big Bud Press

Hound Patch: Ball and Chain

Gator Lady Pin: Strike Gently

Denim Jacket Patch: Strike Gently

Human Pin: Strike Gently

Champagne Pin-Up Lapel Pin: Rosehound Apparel 

Turkey Sandwich Lapel Pin: Rosehound Apparel 

Pink Cadillac Pin: Valley Cruise Press

Pisces Pin: PINTRILL

Limbo Pin: School

Credits: Special Thanks to [4:02 PM] Sara Zion: Julianna D'Intino and Xin Fang


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