Playboy Launches Big Bunny Jetliner Evoking the 1970s

The new jet is a timeless symbol of the company and a reinvention of past icons.

The Playboy Mansion is one thing—the Playboy Mansion in the sky is something else entirely.


One of the most iconic symbols of the 1970s, the Playboy Big Bunny jet is the epitome of modern luxury and a pillar of the Playboy label, now being revived as a nod to its retro namesake. A contemporary depiction of the jetsetter lifestyle, the Big Bunny is a vehicle for creators from around the world—from thought leaders to artists and influencers—who are today’s icons of pleasure, expression, comfort and style.


Nearly half a century since its last flight, the Big Bunny jetliner is continuing the legacy of its predecessor as the flagship of Playboy, a new vein of the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled, unconventional experience. 

The Global Express jet is set to host dinner parties in the sky, as well as serve as a platform for Playboy to collaborate with creatives. Notably, the debut of the new BigBunny jetliner will be followed by the launch of a lifestyle brand of the same name, featuring apparel and accessories inspired by the aircraft. 


As a nod to the original jetliner, the modern Big Bunny features a sleek, solid black exterior with the iconic Playboy rabbit head logo on the tail. The Playboy masthead is also emblazoned on the belly underneath the jetliner for those on the ground to see. 


Within the plane is an interior fit for the most exceptional of guests—bespoke furniture, china, barware and custom-dyed cognac crocodile embossed leather wall coverings are just a taste of the lush luxury within the jet. Emerald natural stone countertops also feature, along with custom-designed herringbone carpeting, custom-dyed luxury sheepskin and leather pilots’ seats, as well as a world-class cinema system playing artwork from the Playboy Archives. 

Two-tone, upholstered seats bring back the spirit of the ‘70s, complete with an embroidered Playboy logo and BigBunny brand 100% cashmere jacquard blankets. Like its predecessor, the jet interior is quickly changeable into a nightclub-esque dancefloor with discotheque vibes, multicolored lights and Bluetooth capabilities. 


The original jetliner hosted notable names of the time, from Cher to Sinatra to Elvis Presley, a pillar of the ‘70s and the zeitgeist; now, propelling into the future, it’s a timeless vessel for the modern icons.

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