Playboy x STUDS: The Bunny Ears Collection is Here

The collection is the latest in a series of co-branded collections from Playboy.

Next-gen earrings and piercing brand STUDS launched an exclusive co-branded collection with the iconic lifestyle brand Playboy.

The 14-piece Playboy x STUDS Bunny Ears Collection is a blast from the Y2K past, taking inspiration from the styles and motifs of the early 2000s. Designed to be stacked, mixed, and matched, the collection includes several iconic playboy images, from the rabbit head to a lock, key, and safety pin.

The corresponding campaign is as flirty and fun as the collection itself, featuring Carolina Ballesteros and Gillian Chan, two Playboy Playmates who embody the STUDS spirit of self-expression and confidence. Set in a bubblegum pink bedroom with nostalgic items like flip phones and fuzzy pens, the campaign continues the Y2K theme. A live white bunny completes the shoot.

STUDS has taken the jewelry industry by storm since its launch in 2019, emphasizing radical self-expression though the concept of earscaping, the art and science of decorating an ear with piercings.

The collection is approved by Cardi B, Playboy‘s newest Creative Director in Residence. Shop the full collection now on
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