Polaroid Launches New Colorway For Their Smallest Instant Camera, Polaroid Go

Creators Miranda Makaroff and Ibby Njoya talk campaign concept and their early memories with the photography powerhouse.

For any photo junkie, Polaroid is the OG. And continuing their legacy of being pioneers in the world of photography, the iconic brand has just recently launched a chic new black colorway of their most portable analog instant camera, the Polaroid Go. Aimed to be the most perfect and super convenient accessory to capture any memory in life, the staple mini camera also features creative upgrades such as a set of colorful lens filters and the Polaroid’s smallest black frame instant film (which adds a very special je ne sais quoi to each photo captured), including the accompanying accessories that allow you to take the mini camera anywhere. To celebrate the arrival of the new colorway, Polaroid tapped Ibby Njoya and Miranda Makaroff to capture the camera and its fun-loving accessories like never before, for the photographic house’s latest campaign.

All Images Courtesy of Polaroid

Below, discover our Q+A interview with Ibby and Miranda as the duo talks all things Polaroid.

V Magazine: What was it like to be tapped by Polaroid to create the campaign?

Ibby Njoya: I’ve always loved to include Polaroid cameras in my practice—whether it’s using a Polaroid camera to document behind-the-scenes [moments] on-set or creating experimental images. Joining the Polaroid campaign made perfect sense and I was thrilled to be brought on board.

Miranda Makaroff: For me, it is an incredible honor to be part of this amazing project and of course, for me Polaroid is iconic, not only [as a] brand but also part of the history of artists such as Andy Warhol or Maripol.

V Magazine: What is it about Polaroid that you think makes them one of the best brands to support artists with multiple disciplines and cultures?

All Images Courtesy of Polaroid

IN: A Polaroid camera is incredibly easy to bring everywhere which provides whole new possibilities. And also for myself, Polaroid photography has always been a way to process the development of my skills as an artist.

MM: Because Polaroid has been such a peculiar and unique representation of creativity since forever. I really admire that they keep doing analog and even when they are adapting to modern times, their products still have their retro essence.

V: Can you recall the first time you ever played around with the polaroid?

IN: I used to own this very old-school Polaroid camera, but never had the film for it so I never used it. Then I got a newer camera and couldn’t stop taking pictures. I was so curious about how it worked and amazed at how easy it was to use. 

All Images Courtesy of Polaroid

MM: Oh my god, I remember my first time, and it was not a very chic moment. It was when I was working for an alcoholic brand, going to clubs and giving shots, and taking pictures of the experience. We were using Polaroid cameras and we had to take pictures of the people but actually, we were taking pictures of ourselves at the time so I have a box full of that memories 

V: What was the concept behind the campaign? Did you find it difficult to show how tiny the camera truly is?

IN: My concept behind the campaign was all about reflecting the ease and fluidity of my artwork. Through my experimentation and exploration around the Canary Islands, I wanted to convey relaxed, carefree energy. The miniature size of the Polaroid Go camera made this so much more fun and I loved how easy it was to bring into action.

MM: The concept of the campaign is about immortalizing the present moment wherever you go and having the opportunity to do it with a small camera that you can put in a pocket or a small bag or even just take with you wherever since it’s so light and has a super cool futuristic design.

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