Kim Petras Wants to Party With Jesus

The bop queen has released 3 new tracks and V stan every single one of ’em.

Continuing her unmatched come-up, Kim Petras has officially blessed the world with 3 vibe-inducing tracks just in time for NYFW. The darling of last season’s front row and every fashion party worth mentioning, Petras is an undeniable force creating infectious chameleon-pop that’s willing get to down with whoever is rolling to it.

The standout track of this trio-drop “1,2,3 Dayz” made its first appearance this past summer at Ladyland Music Festival during a performance where producing icon SOPHIE invited Petras onstage to bring the house the down during her epic Pride set. This fully mastered release belongs to the dance floor with a vibrantly emotional Kim P. proclaiming she’s got cash to throw and is ready to “party with Jesus.” The chemistry SOPHIE has with any artist she works with shines brighter than ever with Petras in the driver’s seat, setting the collab bar high for both of these superstars.

Adding another color to her neon rainbow of released singles, “Homework” feat. lil aaron is a nostalgic coming of age journey that is perfectly summed up by the color blue. A narrative of young love that anyone can relate to, this track beams with enough honest heart and witty songwriting that any first time listeners of Kim Petras are sure to dive head first into the fandom of the rising pop mogul.

Finally, Petras takes us on a different kind of ride with her epic power-ballad “If U Think About Me…”. Crafting a bridge that builds to a bigger climax than any previous track released to date, Kim takes us to WOO-AH heaven with the last minute creating an ambiance that of icon Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

If you aren’t on the Kim Petras bandwagon yet, now is the perfect opportunity to become obsessed with the industry’s next big thing. Over the past year, Petras has evolved from “one to watch” to an official “it girl” and it’s very clear she’s ready for industry domination, strategically and very pointedly taking care of herself and her image every step of the way. It’s Kim Petras’ world, and V are just living in it. WOO-AH, bitches!

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