Poppy Releases a Rebellious New Track, “I Disagree”

There’s a fiery new music video to accompany, too.

Mystical internet enigma,  intense graphic novelist, popular Youtube personality, proud church leader, and intricate performance artist are only the beginning of a long list of titles Poppy accredits herself to, but today, we’re celebrating her career as a singer-songwriter. The somber pop star is making noise on the music front with the release of a menacing new single “I Disagree” and an equally ominous accompanying music video. As part of her upcoming album, set to debut on January 10, 2020, this latest track will surely satisfy all of your cataclysmic cravings. 

After the inquisitive messaging and self-exploration rooted in her previous album Am I A Girl?,  Poppy unveiled a desire for destruction that is embedded in I Disagree. “Well, now I have decided that it would be nice to light things on fire and destroy the rest of what was remaining previously,” Poppy claimed in a statement. “We rebuild at the end, but we can talk about that later.”

Revolting against music executives and burning down institutions in the opening scenes, Poppy brings destruction and liberation to the forefront of the music video. Wearing a threatening choker and arm-length, red gloves, the daredevil pop star climbs onto the boardroom table to harmoniously yell, “I disagree with the way you continue to pressure me. I disagree with the way you are failing to pleasure me.” As the intense cadence transitions to a content beat, Poppy appears in a reflective, silver dress with a flaunted collar intended to remind us of her supremacy among all of her intended demolition. Standing in an all-black ensemble next to massive, surging flames in the last frame, the punk-pop sensation makes her message of personal sovereignty very apparent as she watches the flames crackle down at her side. 

A melodic rebellion, Poppy’s musical annihilation is enticingly bold. Take a look at the fearless star’s calamitous music video below. 

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