V Premiere: Poppy and Nicholas Kirkwood, “Moving Forward”

The singer collaborated with Nicholas Kirkwood on a video featuring the NKP3 Sneaker Sandal.

Singer/cartoonist extraordinaire Poppy can now add Creator to her resumé. In her latest project, “Moving Forward”, the musician literally does just that, but in a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood NKP3 Sneaker Sandals. Her platinum hair pin-straight and clad in a latex bodysuit, the singer’s dialogue reverberates off of the neon-lit hallway she stands in. “Moving forward is the answer to the question as old as time,” the singer says at the end.

“One of the great things about the videos I make is being able to highlight brands that I love through creative story telling,” Poppy said. “When Nicholas Kirkwood approached me I was excited to collaborate and create with him because his philosophy on merging fashion and technology is exactly what I love to do as well.”

Kirkwood had a similar, mutual love for the singer and the project writ large. “Poppy is a true artist and has such an unique take on the world. I love the way in which she brought my sneakers to life through her vision,” the designer said.

Watch the video “Moving Forward” below.

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