Porsche x Chris Labrooy: A Glance Into A Dreamworld

Porsche experiments at Miami Art Week, debuting Chris Labrooy’s “Dream Big” exhibition among a series of art-focused initiatives.

In lieu of Miami Art Week, Porsche presents an immersive installation entitled “Dream Big” by Scottish artist – and Porsche fan – Chris Labrooy. Spotlighting a zeitgeist of dreams, Labrooy’s eclectic sculpture addresses the child within everyone, encouraging beholders to dream big. With the centerpiece of the exhibition being a white Porsche 911 Carrera which is held within the hand of an exaggerated figure paired with a racing driver’s helmet, the artwork is a homage to the dreams of childhood. Denoted in a playful tone, the installation proposes the beholder contemplate where their imaginations will guide them next. Forming a physical anchor point with the foreshadowing of Porsche’s virtual world project, the “Dream Big” spectacle can be viewed on the sandy shores of the Pérez Art Museum from 11 am to 6 pm, November 29th through December 3rd.

“Porsche embodies the fulfillment of dreams. With our ‘The Art of Dreams” initiative, we want to inspire people to do just that – to dream. But we also want to support artists and make extraordinary works accessible to the public. In the US, the best way to reach the art and design community is during Miami Art Week, when the creative heart of the world is beating in Florida. We’re excited to be making our first appearance there,” shared Robert Ader, Porsche’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The “Dream Big” installation merges Labrooy’s knowledge of natural objects with an increasing fascination for the surreal. Given that many of his 3D works depict classic Porsche 911 models placed in dreamy desert landscapes or in the form of a flamingo at the home swimming pool. As part of the ’20 Years of Porsche in China’ jubilee, Labrooy transferred one of his digital artworks into the real world for the first time in 2021. The result was the art car ‘996 Swan.’. The Chris Labrooy sculpture debut at Miami Art Week is one within the series The Art Of Dreams, where Porsche welcomes a series of interactive art exhibitions in major cities, probing the relationship between dreams and human interaction.

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