Marrakshi Life Releases New Collection Inspired By Classic Moroccan Dress

The Moroccan-based made-to-order label pays tribute to the eldest weaver, Mustafa Ait Lahcen.

The unisex and sustainable brand, Marrakshi Life is the epitome of luxuriousness.

The brand has become well-known since its launch in 2013, through its artisan made-to-order collections, inspired by Morrocan’s rich practices, heritage, and traditional techniques. In addition, thanks to the lens of Marrakshi Life’s founder — New York fashion photographer Randall Bachner — each garment incorporates an authentic urban twist. For this reason, Marrakshi Life continuously grabs the publics’ attention, leaving us wondering, “what will be next?”

Today, Marrakshi Life is introducing Collection 07, inspired by the eldest weaver from their Moroccan atelier. The artisan made-to-order range is filled with modern silhouettes inspired by classic Moroccan dress and is available to shoppers worldwide starting this month.

Collection 07 is a tribute to the eldest weaver, Mustafa Ait Lahcen. The textiles represent a new combination of stripes, multi-color warps and paneling in the shades of camel, indigo, brick, army, turmeric and black.

“Since Covid and the quarantine here in Morocco and worldwide , I have not been able to return to New York for six months, the longest stretch in my lifetime without touching ground in my home,” the label’s designer and founder Randall Bachner explained. “I am missing New York and somehow I see this coming through in this new collection. Collection 07 definitely has a new urban vibe for Marrakshi Life, not only in some of the new silhouettes but also in the casting we have chosen for the imagery – pushing forward our commitment to making gender fluid clothing.”

The brand’s exclusivity starts in their Marrakech atelier, where a skilled in-house artisan team hand-weaves the fabric used throughout the collections. Thoughtfully moving throughout the production process, the brand is intentional about where their raw materials are sourced, their color palettes used to dye fabrics, and especially their zero-waste policy.

Furthermore, Randall is committed to making sure his vertically integrated brand supports sustainable manufacturing, implements low-impact production methods, creates a desirable workplace for employees, and cultivates a sense of community.

V celebrate Marrakshi Life for being at the forefront of androgynous fashion, sustainable fashion, and slow fashion simultaneously. You can shop Collection 07 now on the brand’s e-commerce shop or via their affiliate partnership with the Port Privé platform.

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