Ports 1961 Presented a Dynamic Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Playing around with the duality between masculine and feminine shapes to build a binary archetype is at the heart of the collection.

The vibrant red mirror glass on which reflected the harmonious creations, at the opening of the fashion show, stepped us back to the ’60s and adds modernism and femininity to the collection.

The forty pieces of the Spring-Summer 2022 collection felt so unique and different from one another that it created an interesting contrast with the repetitive music interpreted with feminine voices in the background of the show.

Eclectic. This would be the word to describe the collection as every piece looked to be unique in their genres. More than the clothes themselves, we could easily see the stories and human narratives behind them. There is one style, Ports 1961 signature is obvious, but themes were numerous and explored throughout the garment presentations.

The luxury womenswear presented a dynamic, ultrafeminine, and colorful garments with diverse patterns and asymmetrical pieces which gave a rebellious aspect to the overall collection.

The large bulky clothes, with colorful flowery or animal patterns and white combinations were combined in the collection as to develop different moods we could go through during the next season and in which the outfits could accompany us.


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