Post Malone Announces Nirvana Tribute Concert

The musician is hosting a live-stream concert to generate donations for COVID-19 efforts.

Currently, the world is enduring a period of unrest. The days pass with new discouraging headlines, connections are made through unfeeling technology, millions have lost their jobs, and hopelessness is shared globally. Put starkly, these are dark times. 

But in these dispiriting times, a coterie of typically private celebrities have decided to use their platforms to generate hope for the future and bring awareness to and raise revenue for COVID-19 efforts. The most recent celebrity to come forward is Post Malone. 

In a collaboration with Google, he announced that he will be hosting a live stream concert to benefit the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. Throughout the concert, any donation (up to $5 million) made by viewers will be matched by Google. 

It was also announced that the concert would be a tribute to Nirvana, a band Post Malone is a long-time fan of. His adoration for Nirvana is so strong that Kurt Cobain, the band’s lead singer, is tattooed on Post Malone’s knuckles, as a permanent display of appreciation. 

On social media, Post Malone shared a phone number for fans to text for more information accompanied with a mirror selfie teasing people to text him. He is going to cover fan-favorites as well as Nirvana songs – which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Nirvana, a band that wrote timeless grunge-punk music that’s gained even more popularity throughout generations, is known for a no-nonsense attitude and rejection of shared societal norms. Their music and influence united people through a healthy expression of frustration – a feeling that people, globally, are experiencing right now due to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Post Malone also relates to the nineties band because of his unorthodox influence on pop-culture. From the beginning, it seemed as though he was destined for a fruitful career with rap music. However, he soon shattered that illusion and started (successfully) diving into other genres. He cannot be placed in a box, much like Nirvana. 

Tune in to his personal YouTube channel to hear his rendition of Nirvana’s tracks and donate to a great cause. 

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