Post Malone Collaborates with Moose Knuckles on Capsule Collection

The release has us ‘running in circles’

Singer Post Malone is releasing a new project and no, it’s not an album. In collaboration with Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles, the pair presents a collection of coats and jackets from their combined creative vision. The collection merges Malone’s artistic freedom with Moose Knuckles’ high-end functionality, forming a line of fashionable coats perfect for the forthcoming winter. 

Image courtesy of Moose Knuckles x Post Malone

At the center of the campaign is the 3Q Jacket, a luxury puffer and Moose Knuckles staple. The 3Q has been reworked with Realtree™ camouflage print in black and golden yellow, with the yellow shade being brand new for the collection. The coat is available in adult and children sizes, meaning the whole family can bundle up in 3Qs. The look itself is opulent but functional, representing the perfect intermeshing of the two collaborators’ styles. 

Shot at a Utah mountainside compound on a winter night, the accompanying photo campaign demonstrates the luxury and utility of the new coats. Featured is Post Malone himself, zipped up in the collection’s 10 different offerings, and braving the frigid night. A luxury take on survivalist winter tactics, the image campaign encapsulates just what this collaboration attempts to harness. 

Image courtesy of Moose Knuckles x Post Malone

In the world of celebrity brand collaborations, it’s so easy for the ensuing collections to feel lifeless, made for the images and press alone. The Moose Knuckles x Post Malone collection flies in the face of this notion, providing utility on every level. While Post Malone may provide a design impetus, elevating the look of the jackets to a certain standard, Moose Knuckles may provide the high-quality garments. The result is a collection that feels grounded in what real consumers want.

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