Post Sandy

Post Sandy

Text: Natasha Stagg

Hurricane Sandy has passed, leaving a path of destruction. Millions of homes are still without power, public transit is significantly stunted, and the death toll is rising mostly due to freak accidents the down power lines and otherwise shredded and flooded landscape are causing. We here at V hope you and your loved ones are safe, and we hope that, if you can, you might donate to the Red Cross in order to help those who are in need of relief.

In the spirit of thinking in post—as in, post-apocalyptic, where so many runway shows have been heading this season, we bring you a video from one of our favs, Ann Demeulemeester, via FashionOne. A theme of 2012 (and 2013) seems to acknowledge the possibility of an end of days (December 21st of this year, says an ancient Mayan calendar, and then if not shortly after, say climate skeptics), but it tends to embrace the dangerous aspect of a world in flames of underwater, too. Through the future-fashion moves in new release Cloud Atlas and messages of universal connectedness in recent futuristic releases or upcoming period piece Les Misérables, the overwhelming response to the world's designs to slow us down is to rise up stronger.


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