POWERHOUSE: Horse Meat Disco, In Brooklyn By Way of Berlin

You’d think it’d be done before, but Horse Meat Disco has cultivated its own unique community of late-night hedonism, set to gays’ favorite disco tunes.

This story first appeared in V119, our Music Issue. V119 is available for sale now at vmagazine.myshopify.com.

Vibe: We took our cues from ’70s NYC spots like The Loft and The Gallery, adding a Berlin- and London-centric disco attitude. It’s not rocket science: playing disco for gays, but it tapped into a yearning for something not offered at the time.

Typical guest: More than a physical type, Horse Meat Disco attracts people who love music, dancing, New York, a mix of high and low, disco, men with beards… and people who love to stay up late.

Past party foul: Two years ago our plumbing system failed during Gay Pride, our biggest night of the year. We opened the roof deck and used a lot of incense. That’s about as awry as it gets.

Save the date: June 28 during World Pride at Knockdown Center. It will be our most
epic HMD yet!

IG: @horse_meat_disco

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