POWERHOUSE: Ladyfag and the LadyLand Crew

In a swirl of New York City queer eclectism, Ladyfag and the LadyLand Crew offer a space to promote love, fashion, freak and all things party.

This story first appeared in V119, our Music Issue. V119 is available for sale now at vmagazine.myshopify.com.

Vibe: Holy Mountain and LadyLand are melting pots of fashion and freaks: club kids, leather daddies, twinks, goths, acid freaks, house heads, techno heads, circuit queens, drag queens, Bushwick kids, Hell’s Kitchen kids, young, old, gay, straight.

Party line: I may be no Mother Teresa, but I do get a lot of people laid. Love makes the world go ’round!

Mission: No one’s re-inventing the wheel here; a party’s a party. I want people to dance till their feet bleed. I want people to hear great artists they might not have heard. That said, if there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s Madonna.

Past party foul: Last year, at LadyLand, it suddenly rained hard, and I had no choice [but] to get on the mic and stall… I thought I did okay, sorta funny… Till I watched the video the next day. Alcohol and microphones are a dangerous combo!

Save the date: LadyLand, June 28 and 29. It’s World Pride so we’re expanding to two days [to] fit over 10,000 people. It’s gonna be a big queer birthday party celebration… Bring on the cake, cake, cake!

IG: @ladylandfestival

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