Prabal Gurung Goes Around the World for FW19

Prabal Gurung Goes Around the World for FW19

The Nepali-American designer took us on a world tour with his "Suitcases of the World" collection.

The Nepali-American designer took us on a world tour with his "Suitcases of the World" collection.

Text: Zoe Elefterin

Prabal Gurung's latest runway show was a loving tribute to the designer’s roots. From the “freak street” of Kathmandu to China to Singapore to New York, Gurung not only gathered inspiration from these places, he was on site, too. The collection was very aptly titled, “Suitcases of the World”, a manifestation of Gurung’s nomadic spirit in this collection.

Of course, this collection was a marriage of the colors of Gurung’s background and their kindred cultures as well as one event that really allowed him to explore and pull from the local creativity: Photo Kathmandu, a photography exhibition that Gurung’s own foundation supports that highlights local talent.

Explicitly explained in a press statement, Gurung connected with the energy of the Hippie Movement of the 70’s, a movement that was born in Kathmandu. Rooted in the rebellion against western ideals, this place offered a space of excitement, culture, and agency from a rigid western system.

There were multitudes amounts of vibrant, richly dyed silks, and eastern prints hand woven in Varanasi, India, that were patch-worked together in an almost collage-like fashion that exuded youthful excitement. Gowns woven with shimmering gold thread gave the playful color palette a royal touch. Plenty of knit sweaters with interwoven glittering thread and ribbons were festive statements, and beautiful tailoring in the form of expertly constructed jackets, evening gowns, and fully feathered dresses were attention-grabbing.

Aside from the more fascinating prints, there was still the essence of Gurung’s New York influence in the collection in the form of more sporty sweat pant silhouettes. A brief intermission of black and white houndstooth garments with lace panels were a sophisticated and sexy moment. Gurung tied everything together with reference to the fashion genius of Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix with organzas and chiffons to finish our journey around the world.

Check out the collection, below.

Credits: Images via Vogue Runway


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