Prabal Gurung – Spring / Summer 2022 “American Girl” Collection

Prabal Gurung, loyal to his extravagant colorful garments presented his new ready-to-wear summer collection as he “has always been drawn by female energy in the universe” and wants to be able to celebrate it.  

What does it mean to “be American”? Who gets to be an “American Girl”? It is more than a nationality, more than gender or ethnicity: it is a state of mind, an attitude, a philosophy.

Prabal Gurung, the Nepalese fashion designer based in New York, pays homage of American girls in his collection, to advocate women’s empowerment and femininity.


Presented at 20, Battery Place in New York City, overseeing the Statue of Liberty, the message is clear: bringing women under the spotlight to remember the past and salute their courage to overcome, daily, multiple societal challenges.

“I’ve always been inspired by women as well as feminine-leaning friends; those who boldly define what ‘feminine’ in itself is, how ‘beautiful’ is shaped, who should control her own body, and which voices must be heard to challenge every form of injustice”, said Prabal Gurung, as a presentation of his new collection.


The vibrant color palettes splash here and there, feminine geometrical patterns, bulky shapes and gentle movements created by fluid textures are still resonating in our minds.

Bright and pastel colors are combined to encompass and reflect the vivid life in the city; an active life in a city that never sleeps, which is contradictory, fluctuant… beautiful. Every piece is inspired by American landscapes, a color concerto, neon lights, streetwear style with a sportswear sensibility, flourish gardens, car headlights… Delicate hand-shredded organza, cotton gingham, and mimic fur are associated to shape women’s silhouette and enhance every body.


Authenticity, honesty and optimism are what qualifies the extrovert creator’s work. And hope, optimism, pride, would be the keywords of last night’s event, to illustrate his high-quality work.

Prabal Gurung confirmed last night that someone who can combine respect, freedom, individuality, who can be innovative, optimist and resilient… is an American Girl!



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