Prada moves past the conventional with their Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 line that debuted this week in Milan. Dreamed up by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the line is a graceful departure from the mundane. The collection satisfies all facets of wardrobe with suits, raincoats, active sportswear, reporter jackets, along with a range of accessories and footwear. 

Courtesy of Prada

The designs speak to Prada’s inherent understanding of human anatomy, how each part functions and what the whole represents. The intuitive thinking that fueled the collection’s daring concept is truly unique, each piece displays a thoughtful cultivation of form. The designers are cognizant of the masculine silhouette and reinvent how this figure is displayed.

The collection removes stringencies from composition, moving away from rigid designs of classic menswear for a more fluid and expressive look. Each garment reflects a balance of style and function, ornamental pockets straddle the line of accessibility and decoration. Freedom clearly takes precedence in each design element from material to construction. Soft tones and malleable textures plays seamlessly into this theme of flexibility. The variety of fabrics lends itself to the structural motifs of the collection and contributes to a versatility of wear.

The pieces reshape the human form, the subsequent absence of structure provides a lens into the relationship of figure and garment. Stylistic elements of fringe and floral patterned corsages, add dimension to the clean looks. Material is not simply a medium, but a form of expression, one that augments perception. In this subtle way Prada displays an expert knowledge of craft and image, pairing the two harmoniously to create a line of truly dynamic menswear.

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