Prada Debuts New Advertising Campaign Inviting You to “Feel”

Immerse yourself in the “Feels Like Prada” campaign.

Portraying an essence of emotion and sensory, Prada’s Fall/Winter 2021 advertising campaign launches in a debut that explores a narrative and an evocation of feeling. Coined, “Feels Like Prada,” the campaign focuses on the details of the garments and accessories in the collection, showcasing the touch and feel of each one. British fashion photographer David Sims captured Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ designs in a way that sparked a narrative, whether it being individual or collective within the images featured.



With a sequence of images on each campaign picture, the “Feels Like Prada” campaign also shows a different collection of put-together images that complement each other directly. For example sequences range from a shot of a building paired with an edgy portrait of leather boots and a model raising a sweater over their head in an action-shot.

These images not only display the different textures that the campaign aimed to focus on, but displayed them in an artistic way, putting them together like a presentation of the campaign, allowing the sequence to tell it’s own individual story. 

Puffed leather jackets, nylon bags, cotton duvets and buildings made of knitted yarn are also some of the images featured within the campaign, serving as a multitude and story within itself.

Whether this campaign sparks emotion within you, or allows you to understand the connotations of sensory and “feel” expressed, it is clear that Prada has developed an immersive and interactive campaign for the upcoming season.

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