Prada Fall/Winter 2020 Menswear Collection

Bringing dressy-yet-relaxed looks to the Milan men’s runway this weekend.

In her new Fall/Winter 2020 menswear collection, Miuccia Prada was set on playing with proportions, mixing creativity with technicality and formal wear with sports in the name of dressing the modern man.

The show was set in a surreal, unnerving scenery, with a monument that created a graphic shadow as its centerpiece. The set colors of mauve, red and pea-green mirrored the collection’s color palette. This season, Mrs. Prada took inspiration from Giorgio de Chirco’s metaphysical paintings, striving to embody a non-heroic equestrian figure in her latest menswear collection.

A lot happened was happening on the Prada runway this Sunday: skinny sweater vests exposed models’ bare arms, cozy Fair Isles were adorned with colored pixel patterns, jacket styles ranged from fitted to oversized and boxy, somewhat akin to the school uniform blazers. The looks ranged from rural to urban—from mid-calf boots paired with oversized corduroy jackets to rubberized coats matched with baggy pants tucked into beaten leather galvanized sole boots.

In a menswear weekend hugely dominated by more classic and tailored looks, Prada managed to marry dressy and relaxed looks, all while letting her collection shine bright with technical fabrics and bold, oversized cuts.

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