Prada will continue their journey with Prada Mode in September with their 10th installment to be held in Seoul, South Korea, a follow-up from their last stop in neighboring Tokyo, Japan held back in May of this year. The exhibition, Plural and Parallel will take place in collaboration with renowned Korean directors, Kim Jee-Woon, Yeon Sang-ho, and Jeong Dahee, whose installations are in curation by Lee Sook-Kyung.

Courtesy of Prada

The installations are meant to blend harmoniously while offering their own distinct experiences to captivate guests across “different universes” illustrated through each director’s individualistic vision of contemporary filmmaking. The venue’s multiple buildings will enhance the multi-dimensional aspect of the experience as guests travel through the exhibition to get a feel of the interconnected yet distinct installations. The incentive of the directors’ work is to transport guests into their lens and invoke open-mindedness to welcome new possibilities and visions for the contemporary world. 

At a glimpse, this global gathering presented by Prada promises to indulge guests in an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie through screenings, musical performances, and lively discourse but of course not without a locally and globally curated food palette to offer!

Prada Mode Seoul will be live from the 5th and the 6th of September.

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