Prada Mode’s Next Stop: Tokyo’s Teien Art Museum

The iconic fashion house takes its private club to the land of the rising sun.

It seems almost everything Prada touches turns to gold. With its Midas touch, the powerhouse gripped the landscape of social clubs with Prada Mode. Multiplying its cult-like following, the iconic brand launched its transient private club during Art Basel 2018 in Miami Beach. Since then, it’s been a hit, revived annually with much anticipation from Prada pundits worldwide.

Akin to its clothing, every element of Prada Mode gets introduced with much consideration. Its themes are sharp, clever, and a tad off-beat. Drawing from the energy of its host destinations such as Los Angeles, Moscow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and London, Prada Mode gets reinvigorated with each installment. Last November, it zoomed into Dubai with a re-edition of Damien Hirst’s “Pharmacy” at the ICD Brookfield Place. The house’s cultural compass now points east to the land of the rising sun.

Prada will present its ninth iteration of Prada Mode at the Teien Art Museum where the astounding Art Deco-style institution gets reimagined through the lens of Kazuyo Sejima. Director of the Teien Art Museum and globally acclaimed architect, Sejima understands the value of these conversations. A long term-collaborator of Prada, she is no stranger to the fashion empire’s almost alchemical allure. That’s why she’s curating and hosting the event.

“I’m very happy to have the opportunity to host and curate Prada Mode at Teien Art Museum,” says Kazuyo Sejima. “This is a new type of connection and conversation in which architecture, garden, art, and music become one. This event represents the opportunity for the museum to become a new public space.”

Courtesy of Prada

Through the intersection of these creative fields, the limited-time experience will immerse attendees in a dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures. Prepare for gardens galore. Lush landscapes glistening in emerald hues set the backdrop for a meticulously curated selection of artworks. In its European garden, cultural conversations flow with the ease of Tokyo’s vernal breeze.

Weaving together one unforgettable immersive experience, Sejima and Prada assert this edition of Prada Mode takes the club’s crafted social atmosphere to the next level.

What makes this installment different?

Its diverse roster of activities is what. This time around, Prada Mode will feature music performances ranging from classical to minimal, analog, and everything in between. There’s also the matter of its highly interactive space, as tea ceremonies and creative discussions in workshops steep the social atmosphere with equal serenity and sophistication.

Last but certainly not least, Prada Mode’s Tokyo experience will feature local and global culinary delights and refreshments. After all, what would Tokyo be without its gastronomy?

Prada Mode kicks off its Tokyo debut May 12th-13th.

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