Prada X Adidas Announce Their Iconic Collaboration

The Superstar sneaker and a new take on Prada’s bowling bag are coming soon.

Today, life moves at a faster pace. Trends come and go much quicker (long-live the low-rise jean era which dominated the early 2000s). Information can be shared across international borders within seconds. While the changing of trends (the world needed to bid farewell to low-rise jeans) and easy communication is beneficial—the fast-paced environment encourages a longing for simpler yet updated fashion moments. 

The release of the Prada x Adidas Superstar sneaker cures the longing. The two brands have been teasing their collaboration for weeks now, but it was just announced that the pair would be creating an updated version of a classic sneaker style and a bowling bag that is a blend of the two brand’s individual aesthetics. 

The Superstar sneaker was created in 1969 by Adidas and immediately became the icon for the brand. It was originally marketed as a sneaker to be worn on the basketball court, seen most infamously on the feet of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks. But soon, after Run DMC released his song “My Adidas,” the style began showing up in the closets of non-athletes. 

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the sneaker’s inception and what better way to celebrate than creating an updated version with a respected, high-end clothier such as Prada. The design of the sneaker is a nod to the classic style but comes in all white and is embossed with both Prada and Adidas on the tongue and Prada on the sides. The bowling bag, which is one of Prada’s staple styles, is also all white with black outlines. All of the sneaker and bag parts will be crafted in Italy. 

The pricing of the items has not yet been disclosed. But, it has been shared that there will only be 700 pairs of sneakers and bags available worldwide. On December 4 the products will be available on Prada’s website and in select Prada stores. Mark your calendars for this major fashion moment.

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