Prada’s ‘Anatomy of Romance’ Ready To Wear Milan Show

Prada’s nightmarish display of romance through lace, thick coats and flowers

At men’s fashion week earlier this year, Prada showcased looks that centered around the theme of the anti-hero from Mary Shelley’s classic 1818 novel, Frankenstein. And yesterday at the women’s ready to wear show in Milan, was Miuccia Prada’s continuation of her artistic direction using the juxtaposing feelings of love- the romance and the ugly. “Basically it’s a sort of will, a need to narrate the good and the bad together, which kind of corresponds with our times. So, this is it, more or less,” Prada told WWD.

Lace, flowers, satin and cinched waists acted as a buffer to the rest of the bulky, gothic styles. Or pairing well enough to be considered funeral home-chic. Models, whose eyebrows were bleached, wore heavy trench coats, chunky lace-up boots, and bleached or dark hair- a few even had Wednesday Addams braids. One of the main pieces, however, was the dress worn by Cara Delevine, that represented the dichotomy of love and fear with Frankenstine and his bride. Can we say #couplegoals yet?

There also was, as Miuccia Prada often likes to include, a political undertone to the outfits. Military bomber jackets and pants, as seen on Gigi Hadid, highlighted the designers increasing fear of war and conflict in the world right now. Possibly wanting to convey that in love there’s war, but likewise applying to the reversed. Her choice to include this came with some reflectiveness surrounding the industry and the reluctance to speak out on certain topics.

“I think it is a big problem that fashion is an industry producing stuff for rich people,” Prada told Vogue. “But fashion is sometimes required to talk about more [than itself], because it’s very popular. It represents other concepts, and that is scary because combining politics and fashion is at the risk of superficiality. But, of course, that was always my personal problem in my life.”

See the looks below.


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