Prada’s Floral-Filled Resort 2020 Campaign is a Celebration of Life

The Italian fashion house debuts Prada Resort 2020 in all of its aromatic glory.

In a celebration of life’s preciousness, Prada just launched their Resort 2020 campaign using a remarkably interactive communication method to honor the beauty of living in the moment. An expression of simple gratitude, flower-filled Prada bouquets decorate cities across the globe today, including London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo, at subtle locations available for purchase. 

No longer a stationary, distant image accessible only through a screen or a page, the Prada Resort 2020 campaign integrates itself into the happenings of life. Breaking free from convention, the luxury label offers an alternative view on fashion advertising: an experience, a moment to be lived. If you live in one of the previously mentioned cities, head to your local bodega in hopes of uncovering a Prada-wrapped bouquet. 

For the campaign’s imagery, Prada enlisted a pair of dichotomous photographers to photograph humanity’s authenticity through their contrasting perspectives. New York-based photographer Drew Vickers, known for his calm, collected portraits and quiet highlights of emotions within his subjects, shot a series of stunning close-ups for the campaign. In disparity, Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, highly-acclaimed for his dynamic streetwear imagery, captured in-the-moment photos to emphasize the Italian fashion house’s message of appreciating the present moment. Their combined efforts culminate in an all-encompassing representation of humanity and present themselves elegantly wrapped around a colorful bouquet of flowers.  

Take a look at each floral visual from the campaign on Prada’s Instagram below.

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