If you’re hoping, “Please God let 2024 finally be my year of opulence and success,” we have the perfect soundtrack to turn that longing into a reality. 

LA/Lisbon-based DJ and visual artist Brittney Scott’s latest release is inspired by the notion of dreaming a little dream, and then achieving it—whatever that dream may be. While manifesting and trusting that the universe has your back might not be for everyone—after all, believing in yourself doesn’t translate into material wealth 100% of the time—putting that energy out there certainly can’t hurt. As Madonna famously said, “You can be a spiritual person and still like to go shopping at Prada.” Maybe being a spiritual person even leads to more Prada; who knows. 

Photos by Sinead Mc | Courtesy of Brittney Scott

For that extra pinch of “New Year, New Me” energy, Scott also shared her own “In & Out” list for 2024. 

So, fuel that self-determination with a mix specifically crafted to turn aspirations into tangible achievements, whatever the hell that means to you. 

Brittney Scott – Prosperity Mix 2024


1 Hot Water DJ DIRECT DEPO$IT / 2 Devotion Palace Alfred / 3 Qué Sientes (Nicola Cruz Remix) Cromby, Tee Amara / 4 Nether Portal boys be kko / 5 Sparkly And Bouncy Is For Me? Didi Ha / 6 Divine Time Aldonna / 7 Gate Laherte / 8 VOTS Dub Skeptic / 9 robbery DJ SWISHERMAN / 10 Stab Felony Gzardin / 11 Rutten (IsGwan UK Garbage Bootleg) Skream / 12 You Want It Shaking / 13 People Of The World Nyra / 14 Reality Checkpoint Tywi / 15 Lobotomie Emmanuel Top / 16 Head2Toe DJ Gigola / 17 HEAVY HITTAZ OLLIE LISHMAN / 18 Chaotic NRG Panteros666 & Chippy Nonstop / 19 Just Go Benwal / 20 Tusi Ojos SoFFT

Photos by Sinead Mc | Courtesy of Brittney Scott


  • cinnamon rolls
  • thinking
  • caring
  • not caring (in a zen way)
  • being single
  • wearing ear plugs at the club
  • shaming people for eating meat
  • responsible and respectful use of psychedelics
  • sitting in a tree while K-I-S-S-I-N-G
  • nonviolent collective action
  • pay pigs
  • intimate dinner parties with 3-5 friends that turn into a bender at the house
  • celebrating your birthday in a big way
  • forcing your friends to follow thru with their passion projects (as well as following thru with ur own!)
  • blockchain
  • having photos, keepsakes and art works professionally framed (small biz framer only)


  • space exploration
  • not having a pet
  • playing the devil’s advocate
  • toothpicks
  • gatekeeping
  • short attention spans
  • complaining about traffic/road rage
  • paying taxes in the US 
  • songs from the 80s, new music made to sound 80s, remixes of songs from the 80s
  • white wine
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