Premiere: Capsize By FRENSHIP

Premiere: Capsize By FRENSHIP

It’ s not summer yet, but it should be! Today, V premieres a new warm-weather worthy track, Capsize, from L.A. duo Brett Hite and James Sunderland, aka FRENSHIP. The two are joined by vocalist Emily Warren, whose songwriting credits include tracks for hit-makers like Jessie J, Becky G, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Chainsmokersyou know their massive track Don’ t Let Me Down? That was one of hers.

Here, FRENSHIP prove they’ re more than capable of creating their own anthem, one that will undoubtedly make every summer sound playlist of 2016. On their collaboration, Hite explains how starting in different places lead to the same conclusion: "We write songs with really only one main criteria which is...'does this feel honest?' This song is living proof, as the chorus meant something very different to all three of us so we each wrote about something different in the two verses, ironically that is the version that felt the most truthful and cohesive in the end."

When you make it to the end of the trackassuming you don’ t excitedly hit replay firstyou’ ll hear a part of a recording. The initial spark came after we all listened to this touching voicemail that Emily’ s grandma left for her. You can hear part of the voicemail at the end of the song," explains Sunderland.

It is still early days for the talented duo, but if they can continue with that same authenticity, and penchant for catchy pop, they’ ll be dance floor staples in no time.


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