Premiere: CYN Goes to Detention Again in New “Alright” Video

Premiere: CYN Goes to Detention Again in New “Alright” Video

The rising artist turned out alright, and so did the video for her latest single.

The rising artist turned out alright, and so did the video for her latest single.

Text: Jake Viswanath

High school isn’t for everyone, and by her own admission, it wasn’t for rising pop star CYN. But given her streak of success as the latest signee on Katy Perry's label Unsub Records and the utter addictiveness of her newest single, "Alright", it’s evident she turned out alright. She proves it further in the new video for the track, premiering exclusively on V. “The song was inspired by notes teachers would write home to my parents about me,” she told V. “For example, ‘would be a great contribution to the class if only she would talk less, remains distracted, often speaks out of turn, etc.’ I really never could hold my tongue still and found myself being disciplined often for it.”

She goes right back to taking punishment in the new video, taking on two different characters who have to go to detention and deal with it in unique ways. The female character is a direct reflection of the lyrics and herself, a sharp and witty girl who refused to abide by the constricting rules of schools. "While I was in school, I was in detention a handful of times... well, when they could catch me because I really would refuse to tell the hall monitor my name at times,” she remembers. “Most often, my offense had to do with sassing back to teachers. I also spent a lot of time in school making ‘cootie-catchers’ and learning origami while my teachers were lecturing. Anyone I went to school with can attest to my obsession with folding paper while I was supposed to be paying attention.”

But her decision to portray a male character comes from a more sentimental place. “I decided to play a male version of myself [during] the second verse because it was inspired by a story my grandfather told me,” she explains. “My grandfather attended school in downtown Detroit where the teachers were nuns. Apparently, he was acting up in class and a nun wrote brief description of him featuring one simple and to-the-point phrase, ‘can’t stand prosperity.’ I never thought of prosperity as something one chooses to tolerate, but it does make sense to me now, as I believe we choose to be prosperous or not. After reading that note, my grandfather decided he needed to turn out alright and he did!”

And not only has his granddaughter turned out alright, she's on the road to pop stardom, making her music festival debuts and heading on tour with fellow rising pop siren Sigrid. Check out her tour dates below.

04/11 – Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON*

04/16 – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA*

04/17 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA*

04/25 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY*

06/07 – Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Manchester, TN

*On tour with Sigrid


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