Premiere: Daisy Gray Will Be Your “Saviour” In New Video

Premiere: Daisy Gray Will Be Your “Saviour” In New Video

The breakout singer discusses her vision of success and premieres the visual for her debut single "Saviour" exclusively on V.

The breakout singer discusses her vision of success and premieres the visual for her debut single "Saviour" exclusively on V.

Text: Gillian Rivera

Daisy Gray goes by many names. Her first introduction to the world was via YouTube under the pseudonym Grace Vardell, where her videos garnered major attention. Performed at just 14, Vardell's cover of Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" has earned her 2.5 million views. Her take on Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games", posted a year later, is at 2.7 million views and running.  The now 18-year-old singer and Wilhelmina-signed model is preparing to take her first major steps towards a serious music career. Her debut single, "Saviour", is a testament to her boundless talent. Though she has yet to graduate high school, Gray has surpassed the limits of age, bringing forth a heartache driven tune that is malleable to any breakup.

The track spawned from a letter Gray had penned to her ex-beau, cited in her opening lines, "You'll never read this/I'm writing this to let you go." Gray never intended for this journal entry to become her debut track. "[I was] in the studio with my producers, and typically in the past, I’ve taken my journal entries as inspirations to write songs. They asked me to read them my most recent journal entry which just happened to be this three-page letter that I wrote this guy. So they were like, 'Okay, we're turning that into a song', and I was like 'Oh, okay! Perfect.'” The unexpected track immediately became an anthem for Gray, helping her cope with her break-up. "He was a country boy, he didn’t really want any of the complications that came with my music, and so in so many words, he basically asked me to chose between my music and between him." But for Gray, there's nothing that will stand in between her and her passion for music.

As she prepares to exit high school, and in the same breath, her adolescence, Gray readies herself for a life centric to her work. Though the singer has been invested in music since her early teens, she claims she wanted her emotions to be able to handle this next jump. "I wanted to be emotionally ready to put myself out there. A part of me was still very much insecure. What would people think? How would they respond? What if my song wasn’t good enough? I’ve written journals and journals and journals of different songs, and always just put them aside, like, 'No this isn’t the one, this isn’t the one.'" For Gray, "Saviour" was that reassurance that she was ready. "After I wrote this song, I felt so connected to it, and I felt like it has so much potential. There was so much love surrounding it within the studio, within the different producers I worked with, we all became family in the process of making this song. It all just came together very naturally and I felt like it definitely represented me as an artist, which is what I was looking for in my first song."

As for the video, premiering exclusively on V, Gray paints a tale of an innocent love met by a harsh reality. Inspired by the scenery of The Notebook, the visual moves through the relationship's highs and lows, bringing Gray to a moment of clarity and heartbreak. "You go from this perfect, what you think [is] perfect at least, very glamorous, old-fashioned, loving relationship into what it becomes when you have your heart broken, when you make that decision to move on from something that was so perfect." Her visual clues are blatant. A beautiful girl, framed by flawlessly coiled curls and neat makeup, transforms into an imperfect version of herself. "I wore a t-shirt that I bought at a thrift shop that I cut up; it was very homemade and [there was] not a lot of planning put into a lot of the video, just because I wanted it to represent the realness of what a real break-up is. It’s not a stage thing, it’s very real and something I wanted to connect to my audience with." 

Gray may be a rookie, but that doesn't mean she hasn't already set major goals for herself. After spending the better half of last year in the studio, Gray is eager to release her music, with a keen focus on a connection with her audience. "I know a lot of artists want their focus on the money and the fame and everything. That’s not really my goal in this," Gray says. "Mainly, connection has always been my goal. It’s why I started posting on YouTube, it’s why I’m releasing music now. I’m not too concerned if this doesn’t do well or if it doesn’t blow up and go crazy. It’s not gonna be the end of the world for me, as long as I can connect to the people that have been supporting me for a while. And at the end of the day, obviously reaching more people would be amazing."

In talks of fame and success, Gray assures that keeping her feet on the ground is a critical creed for her career. "I was thinking as this becomes more serious, as it does take off and this does become basically my life and my career and everything surrounding that, I am going to have to sacrifice a lot. I thought about what I’m willing to sacrifice, and what morally I need to maintain, and I would mainly just say that I don’t want to sacrifice my sound.  I don’t want to sacrifice my morals and my integrity." Her morals, Gray says, are rock solid, and won't be cracked by the extremities of potential fame. "I wouldn’t want my head to be blown up by different stuff. I wouldn’t want the money to affect the way I treat other people. That’s something that’s always been incredibly important to me because I have been in the industry long enough, just on the sidelines, to see people change when success has gotten to them. I definitely want to maintain the person that I am now, no matter if my song has blown up and I’m performing at the Grammy’s, or if I get 300 views on it. I want to maintain the same exact personality that I have always had."

Daisy Gray may be new to the music scene, but her raw talent and down-to-earth mindset are her building blocks to stardom, whether that's her intention or not.


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