Premiere: Donna Missal’s Dreamy “Jupiter”

The singer songwriter is making her directorial debut with an enigmatic music video for her latest single, “Jupiter”.

Today, Donna Missal’s music video for her latest single, Jupiter is premiering exclusively on V. The video is passionate, innocent, but filled with the intensity and anguish that comes with love. And, it’s Missal’s first self-directed music video, which is evident. It feels entirely true to her, intimate, and poetic in expressing her own emotions.

In the video, Missal wears a men’s suit, what could possibly even be a school uniform with a tie, an ode to her own fluidity, a nod to her masculine side. Her hair is unruly, carefree, flying in front of her face as she sits in the back of a pickup truck driving down a long tree-lined road.

The video takes place in a dark, mysterious town at dusk. Missal sings in the misty blue night and croons about emotion in the throes of youth. It feels like a suburban town, a location close to Missal’s upbringing; “To me the song is about a first love. I wanted to make a video to reflect that experience of feeling something for the first time. To me, that brought to mind the memories of driving through my hometown as a teenager, feeling all of these big feelings all at once. It’s my first time directing a video so I chose the setting of my own hometown in NJ that I think could remind anyone of where they grew up.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted Missal’s career; she was one of V’s New Generation of Music from V117, The Discovery Issue. This song only holds up that distinction, and she’s only rising higher and higher with an upcoming tour that will take her across the US, kicking off on Valentine’s Day.  

Check out the music video, below.

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