Premiere: EVAN GIIA's Empowering "Focus"

Premiere: EVAN GIIA's Empowering "Focus"

Premiere: EVAN GIIA's Empowering "Focus"

It's an inspired anthem with a feel-good message.

It's an inspired anthem with a feel-good message.

Text: Dylan Kelly

For the budding pop star EVAN GIIA, music-making is an incredibly powerful craft that inspires immense emotion. In her pre-existing repertoire of songs, tracks including “Westworld” fill a room with a fierce sensation of euphoria, while dynamic compositions like “Sidelines” instill the listener with a newfound confidence. It’s that melodic strength that continues to garner a growing audience for EVAN GIIA, and her new song “Focus,” out today, is certainly no exception to her musical fortitude.

“Focus” is an electronic pop anthem that provides a sense of emotional invincibility. Singing diary-like lyrics from the heart as the song progresses, the chorus ultimately echoes, “I’ll focus on me. Yeah, I’ll focus on me.” It represents the maturation of one’s self-worth and the choice of reclaiming oneself through independent introspection. It provides an authentic look into the artist’s psyche and places an emphasis on individual growth. “Focus” is an uplifting self-love track, one to certainly add to your pick-me-up playlists.

“I wrote ‘Focus’ in my bathroom studio in my apartment in Brooklyn,” says EVAN GIIA. “It was the first time I experimented with layering different parts of my voice. It’s a special song to me because it symbolizes focusing on the things that matter most to me in life. What keeps me grounded, happy and healthy. I am really happy to release this song, especially during times like these, when more than ever we need to be reminded of what really matters. I hope this will be a pick-me-up for my fans. We all need it right now!”

V spoke with the evolving songstress about her new track, her growth as an artist, and her musical inspirations. 

Read what EVAN GIIA had to share and stream “Focus” below.

V How did you first discover your passion for music?

EVAN GIIA I have been singing since I can remember but I started my journey in music studying Opera (classical technique). I took lessons twice a week and competed in competitions on the weekends.

V Where did you seek inspiration for your new song “Focus”?

EG The song came from my curiosity of how my voice would sound layered 15 times, using the highest part of my range, middle and lowest all at once. That’s what you hear in the chorus!

V As an artist, what kind of message are you trying to convey through your music?

EG My hope is that each of my songs convey a mood or feeling to the listener. That’s the way I listen to music. I choose what I want to hear based on how i’m feeling. Are you happy right now? Blast Westworld. Are you feeling strong and confident? Put on Sidelines.

V How would you describe yourself?

EG Ooof. This is a tough one haha. I’m a lot of things combined into one. If I had to choose some adjectives I would say: Empathetic, Driven, Organized, Silly, Passionate.

V When you think about describing yourself, do you think that description translates into your music? In other words, do you think your music reflects who you are as a person?

EG Absolutely. That’s always my goal. EVAN GIIA is just a way for Emmy to get across her thoughts and feelings through music and perform them to her fans.

V How would you compare “Focus” to your previous music?

EG I am excited for this release because “focus” is not my typical electronic banger. It is a thoughtful, emotional, ballad like song. My fans fall in love with the song when I play it live so I’m so glad it’s finally out there.

V Through making music over the last several years, how have you been able to grow as both a person and an artist?

EG Being an artist is a journey. One day you feel on top of the world. The next you feel completely insignificant compared to all the artists you see around you. The biggest lesson I have learned in all of this is that nothing really matters in life besides the relationships you have with your friends and family.

V Looking at all of your major success and everything that is yet to come for you as an artist, what do you ultimately want to be remembered for?

EG I want to be remembered for my live show and the way it makes people feel once they are walking out of the venue. That and being a good person.

Stream EVAN GIIA’s new track “Focus” below. 


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