Premiere: FRANKIE is “Lost in Translation”

Listen to the cheery yet poignant jam from the artist’s upcoming EP.

FRANKIE made waves with her debut EP, Dreamstate back in 2015; the track “New Obsession” was featured in Taylor Swift’s “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome” playlist. Listing 90s girl groups and Stevie Nicks as inspiration, bright beats and expressive lyrics make Dreamstate the perfect soundtrack for a girls’ night out.

The California songstress is back with a lively-yet-wistful tune that introduces a sultry undercurrent to her usual zestful style: “Lost in Translation.” Uniting an addictive, upbeat melody and piercing lyrics that reflect on the evanescence of modern relationships, “Lost in Translation” is packed with brilliant contrasts. Lines like “You say you’re not the type to have a heavy conversation // But I need to know if you’re the type that’s worth the waitin’” describe a romance in purgatory; FRANKIE soulfully laments the lack of communication from her partner against the backdrop of a party-ready tune. The brash femininity present in many of the songs on Dreamstate makes a welcomed reappearance, this time with newfound depth. It’s raw and visceral without ever sacrificing FRANKIE’s spunk, imagination, and sense of fun.

“Lost in Translation” is off of FRANKIE’s sophomore EP, STA7GES, out February 15th. Centered around the seven stages of grief (shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance) STA7GES is every bit as electrifying as Dreamstate, but also proves FRANKIE’s maturity as an artist and her adeptness at communicating the scope of human emotion in an accessible manner. It’s replete with songs that would be perfect to lip sync to in the car with friends, but would also provide fodder for contemplating the transient nature of life. “Lost in Translation” embodies both of these themes.

Listen to “Lost in Translation” below:

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