Premiere: LOVE SICK Bites the “Bullet” In Their Debut Video

Premiere: LOVE SICK Bites the “Bullet” In Their Debut Video

Premiere: LOVE SICK Bites the “Bullet” In Their Debut Video

The brand spankin' new music duo opens up about creating their first single and video, and how their unlikely partnership came to be.

The brand spankin' new music duo opens up about creating their first single and video, and how their unlikely partnership came to be.

Text: Jake Viswanath

In most situations, all it takes is one magical conversation with that certain someone for something special to start blooming. No, Scottish-born and bred Shawn and Julie didn’t fall in love right then, but they did become lovesick — or more specifically, LOVE SICK. The new duo turned a nonchalant conversation into a musical partnership, Julia’s sultry vocals finding a chemistry with Shaun’s rhythmic productions as days went by, eventually leading up to their debut single “Bullet,” the video of which is premiering exclusively on V.

With “Bullet,” LOVE SICK makes a strong entrance, using an aggressively bouncy synth line, deep-hitting bass, and a tone that flows seamlessly between pensive, seductive, and flat-out desperate, moods reflected perfectly in the abstract video (and our own lives). The duo opts out of appearing on screen and lets the music and the moves do the talking, as Brooklyn artist NanaBcool and dancer-choreographer Zoe Warshaw capture the franticness and delicacy of love through their rapid-cut movements. To get a clearer picture, we asked LOVE SICK some questions about the video, and the unusually normal way that they met.

How did you meet and form LOVE SICK?

Julie: We met at an office Christmas party of all places — we were both working full time selling life insurance but in different offices around Scotland. We drunkenly got chatting about music, Bob Marley and Berlin among other things and then we arrived at the fact that I was a singer.

Shaun: I had been making music in my bedroom, so we started meeting up and working on some ideas, which grew into LOVE SICK.

Tell us about “Bullet.” What inspired it, how did it come about?

Shaun: We wrote “Bullet” as a twisted love song, finding that space between the great things someone can make you feel but how turning yourself over to that person can leave you vulnerable to being hurt. Like most great ideas, “Bullet” started out in one form and arrived at a different place than we expected. After layering up different melodies, chopped vocal samples and beats, we spent a night deconstructing and rebuilding it, making sense of it all. That work manifested itself into “Bullet.”

How would you describe your music to new listeners?

Shaun: As individuals we cite different influences, both past and present, where those converge is an element of where LOVE SICK exists. We could break down those influences and speak sonically and lyrically about how LOVE SICK’s music sounds but none of that describes how we want our music to make people feel. With “Bullet” specifically ,it’s the self-realization that love is unpredictable, it can raise you higher than you’ve ever been and knock you straight back down in a moment’s notice. There’s strength and fragility, push and pull — “Bullet” is that pendulum.

Anything you can tell us about up and coming music?

Shaun: We have a lot of it, born out of a similar creative process of where “Bullet” came from. We’re excited to share more, we’re not waiting for an epiphany as to what should follow “Bullet” but whichever track we choose it’ll be the right time.

What inspired the video? How was process of creating it?

Julie: One of our friends, Drew John Barnes, is a super talented director we had known from living in Glasgow. We’d always spoke of doing something together and had a rough idea of what we wanted. We sat down with him and he helped us bring it to life. We wanted the video to really emphasize the lyrics throughout the dance sequences. Between Zoe and NanaBcool, they truly captured the intensity of “Bullet” with their performance.

Why did you want to experiment with dance in the video?

Julie: We felt that putting dance as the central element to the video was the best way of visually reflecting the lyrics and emotions of “Bullet.” The balance of using two dancers as opposed to one exemplifies the dichotomy of the relationship, how it develops and how you can feel so intensely great about the other person in one instant, and then feel like “they’ve got a bullet with your name on it” in another!

What do you have next in the pipeline? 

Shaun: We are looking forward to releasing some new music and then playing our first ever show!


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