Premiere: Magdalena Bay’s “Venice”

This electro-pop duo is the next thing you need to add on your playlist

Hailing from Los Angeles, Electro-pop duo Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin, better known as Magdalena Bay, have recently dropped an accompanying video for their new single “Venice” punctuating a strong, laid back beat accompanied by Tenenbaum’s hurmously bright vocals discussing what might happen when apocalypse strikes.

Originally from Miami, the duo have been creating their upbeat, synth-driven sound together since high school. Under the influence of Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and Art Angels from Grimes, Magdalena Bay is inspired by an intersection of old meets new channeling retro songwriting with”key eighties changes” and contemporary production. For Magdalena Bay, their music is about creating an experience that is both audible and visual, fully immersing listeners in the song. Similarly to their music, the duo’s latest “Venice” music video is highly cinematic blending lighthearted visuals with a nostalgic presence. V caught up with Mica over email to learn more about the inspiration behind the song. “I feel like I really had to embody a character when writing the Venice lyrics. I just visualized a slick guy driving a convertible down to Venice with his girlfriend, and the smooth type of things he may say to her. The whole apocalyptic theme came out of that attitude I tried to get into—like you might as well kiss me because the world could end at any minute.”

The duo has previously released a series of mini songs and videos culminating in the 2019 release of their Mini Mix Vol. 1 EP. But just ask their 3.5 million (and counting) Spotify streamers, these guys are something to keep your eye on.

“Venice” is now available to stream on all major music platforms. Listen here.

Watch the video below.



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