Premiere: Marieme x Cara Delevingne Perform “Woman” Live

The duo delivers an empowering rendition of the final song on Marieme’s new EP.

With empowering lyrics and soaring beats you won’t easily forget, singer-songwriter Marieme Diop’s Songs For The Revolution EP will undoubtedly be remembered as a triumph. The Senegalese-American songstress has made a name for herself as a visionary artist with a knack for crafting songs that speak to the current moment. “Woman,” the fifth and final track on the EP, is one such song. As she told V ahead of the EP’s release, “[‘Woman’] talks about women and what it means to be one today.”

Of course, a powerhouse tune like “Woman” deserves a bold live debut, and Marieme has delivered. The artist collaborated with multi-hyphenate supermodel Cara Delevingne on an electrifying live performance of “Woman.” Jamming in front of a velvety blue-lit curtain, Marieme croons, “I draw the line, it’s not fine/ to tell us what we can do like we need permission,” while Delevingne strums a guitar and sings along to the song’s potent lyrics at intervals. Delevingne’s usual ‘do has been transformed into an eye-catching blue bun to match Marieme’s signature hairstyle.

Image: Kenneth Reindhart

The collaboration isn’t the first time the duo has crossed paths. As Delevingne revealed in an exclusive interview with Marieme, she’s been a fan of the singer-songwriter since seeing her perform at a BLM protest in Los Angeles last year. “It seemed like you encapsulated so much feeling in that one show, that really captivated so many people,” Delevingne said.

Clearly, Marieme’s performances have a power all their own. Watch the live performance of “Woman” below to see the magic for yourself.


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