V Premiere: Phoebe Ryan is Back

The singer-songwriter ICIMY

Singer-songwriter and New Jersey native Phoebe Ryan is back with the first single off her upcoming album, How It Used To Feel, slated to come out in 2020. “ICIMY,” which stands for in case I miss you, is a breezy pop track with a catchy chorus.
The video is equally enticing, featuring stunning shots in a cozy countryside home. The video also stars non-binary trans actor and musician Joey Rose.
Phoebe shared a few words regarding the track: “This is a really personal song to me, and it was important that I had a talented actor alongside me to really bring out the emotion of it all. I met Joey last year while we were filming an indie movie, ‘Dakota’. The video shows how important a person can be during a period of your life and how difficult it may be to lose them.” She goes on to add that she was Sujfan Stevens for this track: “the electronic snap and crunch of the drums, the soft yet booming chords of the piano, all driven by a plucking guitar… somehow it reminded me of what I love about Sufjan’s work.”
Check out the video below.

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