PREMIERE: RALPH Returns with New EP "Flashbacks & Fantasies"

PREMIERE: RALPH Returns with New EP "Flashbacks & Fantasies"

PREMIERE: RALPH Returns with New EP "Flashbacks & Fantasies"

Fresh off her tour opening for Carly Rae Jepsen, the singer-songwriter is back with her latest collection of songs, an EP entitled "Flashbacks & Fantasies"

Fresh off her tour opening for Carly Rae Jepsen, the singer-songwriter is back with her latest collection of songs, an EP entitled "Flashbacks & Fantasies"

Photography: Mariah Hamilton

Text: Ryan Killian Krause

Today is a good day, y'all. Canadian pop princess-on-the-rise RALPH just dropped her latest EP which is premiering here on V. The EP entitled Flashback & Fantasies is the second full collection of music from RALPH and is start-to-finish absolute gold. The EP follows her debut album A Good Girl, which she released last year.

Flashbacks & Fantasies, which includes three previously released and three brand new tracks, is a collection of songs that to RALPH is all about embracing herself in her current moment – a transitional one, both musically and personally. "When I listened to the songs on this EP, I realized that a lot of tenses that I was writing in were past or future. Very rarely did I use the present tense," she said. "It made me think of the EP as a collection of songs that were memories or hopes or dreams from that past or for the future - this whimsical, magical, dream-like place where you're talking about these beautiful moments that you've had or you hope to have."  Also, RALPH loves a good alliteration.

Though her last release was a full album, RALPH made the decision to go with a shorter collection this go around. “It’s kind of fun to do shorter bodies of work,” said RALPH. "I feel like we have such short attention spans now with our social media brains that I think that putting out a little shorter collection is more interesting."

The EP was also a chance for RALPH to experiment musically. “When writing this EP, I wanted to be more open-minded,” she told me. “I wanted to try new things a be more of a risk-taker. It’s nothing insanely different, but you might notice a new BPM or a new vocal effect that I haven’t tried before.”

The songs on Flashbacks & Fantasies run the gamut stylistically. There is actually something for everyone on this EP. Gravity, which starts the EP, has a decidedly techno-dance vibe. You can almost see the glitter falling from the sky as soon as you start the track.

In Looking for You, RALPH envisioned a sweeping cinematic pop song. “I’ve never quite had a song like that,” said RALPH. “It’s really listenable - during a breakup, during a happy moment. Even if you don’t like pop music, I think you’ll really like it.” That means when you see her live, people, you better have those phone lights up and swaying. Don’t make me tell you twice. Fun little back story, the song was inspired by a license plate RALPH saw while driving that read “LQQKIN4U." RALPH also dropped a video for Looking for You directed by Rosanna Peng, the concept for which was brainstormed by RALPH’s friend Matt after a glass or two of wine. The finished product is a quirky (and RALPH admits enjoyably cheesy) take on what can sometimes feel like the endless search for love.

Headphone Season is the no-time-for-it synth-pop anti-cat calling anthem you’ve been waiting for. With this track, RALPH continues to carve out a reputation for herself as someone who doesn’t shy away from using her musical platform to advocate for her beliefs, something which she feels strongly about. "I'm really not trying to shy away from what I believe in," she said. "I've come to be an artist who is capable and confident talking about things that may be a little risky. When you combine music and causes, you can really make a change." Recently, RALPH co-hosted a pro-choice fundraiser in Toronto which raised $17,000 for the National Network of Abortion Funds in the United States and the College Hospital’s Bay Centre for Birth Control in Canada.

Sunday Girl, which closes the EP, has a distinct R&B vibe and is very funk and guitar-line driven. Much more laid-back easy listening. The track is about transitioning from being a “Saturday” girl into a more serious “Sunday” one. “Don’t get me wrong, being a Saturday late-night girl can be really fun if you’re in control and you’re down for that,” said RALPH, “but it’s about wanting to take it to the next level. That’s when you know you’ve got that foot in the door if you’re hanging out on Sunday.”

So, what are you waiting for? Stop what you're doing and listen to the entire EP Flashbacks & Fantasies below.

Also, just because her time opening for Carly has ended, that doesn’t mean RALPH is staying in one place for long. She’ll be headlining shows in Toronto and New York next month and she’ll be touring the U.S. and Canada as the opener for Indie Pop duo Joan. Check out the tour dates below. You can get tickets here.

Tour Dates:

* = with joan

Dec 5th: Toronto, ON @ ModClub

Dec 7th: New York, NY @ Berlin

Feb 5th - Nashville, TN @ The High Watt*

Feb 6th - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl*

Feb 8th - Washington, DC @ Songbyrd*

Feb 9th - Allston, MA @ Great Scott*

Feb 11th - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge*

Feb 12th - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge *

Feb 15th - Cleveland, OH @ Beachtend Tavern*

Feb 16th  - Chicago, IL @ Schubas*

Feb 17th - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry*

Feb 19th - Denver, CO @ Globe Hall*

Feb 20th - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court*

Feb 22nd - Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theatre*

Feb 23rd - Portland, OR @ Holocene*

Feb 26th - San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord*

Feb 27th - Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan *

Feb 29th - Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar*

Mar 2nd - Dallas, TX @ Dada*

Mar 3rd - Austin, TX @ Stubbs Indoors*

Mar 4th - Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall*

Mar 10th - Victoria, BC @ Lucky Bar

Mar 11th - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore

Mar 13th - Calgary, AB @ Dickens

March 14th - Edmonton, AB @ Temple

March 16th - Winnipeg, MB @ Good Will SC


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