Premiere: Sarah Proctor’s “Lost”

Sarah Proctor’s latest ode to all-consuming love.

V Magazine is excited to premiere the latest single and music video from one of the UK’s most exciting new talents, Sarah Proctor, hailing from Billingham (a small town across the pond).

The new music engulfs listeners into the ever-so-indulgent world of escapist love between partners who friends. That is, escapist in the more positive sense of the word—the type of relationships that encourage us to get out of our own bubbles and go get “Lost” out there in what’s truly an infinite and wonderful world.

Directed by Harry Law, the video is reminiscent of Proctor’s time growing up gay in a small town. We picked her brain about her inspiration, which you can check out below.

I understand your video is partly about the types of relationships you wish you saw more of while growing up. Was there a point in your life when you DID start seeing queer relationships in a way that made you feel more comfortable in your own skin? 

Yes. I went to LA for music and while I was there, I got to be a part of such an accepting community. It was amazing for me to see being from a small town and having never been part of a LGBTQA+ community before. I loved seeing how openly people were able to love and it 100% gave me the confidence to completely embrace who I am.

Can you speak more about the resources or information you didn’t have when you were younger that are (hopefully) more prominent to today’s youth? 

I think it was the lack of representation we had. Watching TV shows and movies, there was barely any lesbian relationships shown. I remember having to go online and search for anything I could to relate to. “The L Word” was a game changer, and the first time I got to really see a community represented through a TV show. I also came out when gay marriage wasn’t legal in the UK. Seeing that change was amazing. I think in the last few years, things have really moved forward which is amazing to see.

The relationship we see in the video, of two people getting lost together, is this something you relate to on a first-hand level? 

I do. Me and my girlfriend love going on little adventures and traveling. I think if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with your best friend, it’s the best thing getting to experience new things and taking the time to be together.

If the answer to the last question is yes, what are the pros and cons of this type of “escapist” relationship? Is escapist a fair word to use? 

I think it’s all about balance. I’m also a super social person so I love being around my family and friends, but I just love getting to try new things with the person I’m in a relationship with. Every weekend, me and my girlfriend will Google somewhere new we haven’t been and drive out to it, whether it be a waterfall or to the ocean anywhere cute. Working all week and having the chance to get that alone time and reconnect is the best. But what I love is that “Lost” can be about your best friend too. If you enjoy someone’s company you can go escape anywhere you want and have fun.

 In bigger cities, there seems to be this modern day assumption that LGBTQA+ relationships are totally normal now in all parts of the US. Can you comment on this?

I think you’re right. Bigger cities seem to be way more accepting. I haven’t personally been to a lot of places in the US yet being from the UK, but hearing/reading other people’s stories online, it seems like we still have a long way to go in a lot of places. It breaks my heart to hear people’s stories, and how they are struggling or not being accepted within their community/family It still baffles me that just wanting to love is still challenged in a lot of homes, and the repercussions that can have on people’s mental health and overall happiness is just massive, so sad.

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