Premiere: Vasco Drops “Diamond Rings”

The Danish producer is taking off as a solo act with his debut single and music video.

Today, V is premiering Danish producer Vasco’s first creation as a solo artist, his song “Diamond Rings” with a music video directed by Jonas Bang. The Big Beat Records artist’s work is eclectic, known for remixing some of the most popular songs and given them his electro-funk edge. The song has an ethereal, electronic vibe like FKA twigs and minimal, abstract instrumental sounds with a pop twist that remind of SOPHIE.

Vasco describes the song as being about “a girl’s fanatic love for the shiny stone. A complete obsession, which also shows a decadent apathy towards the other joys of life.”

The video reads much like a book, presented in chapters with page numbers. Bang expressed, “I’m not so much into storytelling 1:1 as it simply tends to puncture the purpose of keeping a story interesting and I think Diamond Rings is a great example of that. For this video we wanted to give the impression of fragmented storytelling – like when you flick through a chapter in a book reading a bit here and there or scrolling through a movie – and engage the audience’s imagination by keeping things weird.” It’s shot on 16mm film, with moody pops of red light throughout to give it an otherworldly, surreal quality.

The dreamy, cinematic pacing creates contrast with the rhythm of the music that supports the surreal atmosphere of the scene. There are reflective moments throughout the video that play with perspective: you’re watching him in the mirror, her in the mirror, perhaps alluding to the reflection of the “shiny stone.”

Check out Diamond Rings below!

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