Presley Gerber Awakens The Spirit of California For Celine Haute Parfumerie

The energy of the sunny golden state gets bottled up like never before


Following in his famous sister Kaia Gerber’s footsteps, Presley Gerber is Celine’s newest muse for the house’s Eau de Californie fragrance. Crafted with fresh, smoky, and creamy facets that envelope the powdery notes of orris and tree moss, Eau de Californie channels the western charm of the sunny state while infusing this new classic with the coded signatures of a Parisian couture house. 

Presley Gerber | Photographed by Hedi Slimane

As photographer and artistic director of Celine, Hedi Slimane shot the modeling prodigy to capturing the energy of the scent, VMAN caught up with Gerber to chat all things California

VMAN: The scent is sort of aiming to capture the essence of California through Celine’s point of view—in your own words, what are some characteristics or things that you think define the essence of California?

Presley Gerber: California is a place that is unique from everywhere else because there are not many places where you can snowboard and be at the beach on the same day.

Presley Gerber | Photographed by Hedi Slimane

VMAN: What was the experience of the shoot for Eau de Californie like? Walk us through that shoot date a little bit…

PG: We actually shot in Laguna Beach and it wasn’t typical California weather, but the energy from Hedi and Celine is always fun and warm and we had a great time.

Presley Gerber | Photographed by Hedi Slimane

VMAN: When it comes to scent, what are some notes that you tend to gravitate towards? How do you go about selecting fragrances for yourself?

PG: I like a scent that feels light but also sticks, and scents that are too clean don’t always do that.  I love the Eau de Californie because it has a subtle but earthy scent so you get a perfect balance.

Presley Gerber | Photographed by Hedi Slimane

VMAN: Having shot your sister for Celine campaigns for a few seasons now, what was it like to work with Hedi yourself on the images for the fragrance?

PG: Hedi is great to work with because he knows exactly what he wants, and that’s why the images turn out so well.  Hedi’s style of photography is unique because he’s also a designer and director, so he knows exactly how to shoot his designs.

Presley Gerber | Photographed by Hedi Slimane

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