Princess Nokia Drops Double Opposing Albums

Nokia’s newest studio albums have something for every mood. 

Within just three days of the announcement, Princess Nokia has dropped two separate albums. Everything Sucks and Everything is Beautiful were both released yesterday on February 26th, and are creatively separate. Since her last studio album 1992 Deluxe in 2017, the artist has been featured on a variety of tracks but the seemingly long three-year wait for a new album resulted in not one, but two. 

 Prior to the album drops, Nokia released ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ and ‘Practice’ to give a taste of what these two new albums were about. Everything from the lyrics to the album art is so clearly carefully crafted to create a differing experience when listening to the albums side by side. The stereotypical adolescent picture-day photos are perfectly on-brand with Nokia’s humorous side, while the music she produces is some of her best work yet. 

 In 2019, the artist released ‘Sugar Honey Iced tea (S.H.I.T.)’ to introduce the dueling projects. It is said that Everything Sucks was created in just one week while Everything is Beautiful took almost two years, revealing not only the dedication to her work, but the emotions buried in each album that are evoked in their listeners. 

Listen to Princess Nokia’s full albums Everything Sucks and Everything is Beautiful now.



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