Pro Skater Evan Mock Releases Fashion Label WAHINE

Indulge in the Hawaiian lifestyle with the launch of Evan Mock’s playful clothing line.

Hailing from O’ahu’s North Shore, Evan Mock grew up a natural born surfer and skater. Hopping between his hometown, Los Angeles, and New York City, you’ll always find a skateboard on his person. The skater turned model recently made his acting debut for the Gossip Girl reboot. He’s taken over skateparks, runways, TV screens, and now he’s planning on taking over our wardrobes.

Image Courtesy of @evanmock on Instagram


With the help of his friend & stylist Donté McGuine, the pink-haired jack of all trades, has released his first brand titled Wahine (pronounced WAH-HEE-NEH). Wahine pays homage to the people of Hawai’i, drawing inspiration from the surf and skate culture which is near and dear to Mock’s heart. 


Mock wants to share his upbringing story through this brand so everyone can celebrate the culture and influence of Hawai’i. The first drop consists of baggy corduroy pants, colorful vests, wool varsity jackets with vintage patches, floral rash guards, graphic tees, and pastel hoodies.

V caught up with Evan to discuss the making of Wahine and the inspiration behind the surf & skate label.


V Magazine: You envisioned this collection as an ode to Hawaiian culture, but there’s also some elements of NYC street style, particularly yours. Who do you envision wearing your brand?

Evan Mock: I envision everybody wearing my brand, from skate homies and people in the streets, to friends and family. I love seeing people wearing something I created. It gives me a sense of gratitude.

V: Why did you name your brand WAHINE – meaning women? Who are some important women in your life that you had in mind when creating your brand?

EM: Women play such an important role in Hawaii and in my life growing up. This brand is a part of my gratitude and thank you to them. My mom and sister are definitely inspirations for Wahine. Both are strong women who grew up surfing on the island.

V: Last summer you released a collection with RVCA that was based on a similar concept of Hawaiian lifestyle, how is your own brand different from that collaboration? Did you have more creative freedom?

EM: Yes, I would say they are similar, but Wahine is very different. The RVCA collab is for more of a commercial audience. For Wahine, I see more fashion people getting into the collection. Designing Wahine, I got to dig into my own archives, as well as vintage research for certain silhouettes and fits. It was a lot more work for sure sourcing and picking out fabrics, custom buttons, and zippers.

V: With skating, modeling, and acting, you’re pretty busy but now with your own label out, do you see yourself stepping more into the fashion space?

EM: Yes, for sure. I love fashion, it’s become a part of who I am so naturally and organically I see myself stepping more into the fashion space.

V: What was it like collaborating on your first brand with friends & family?

EM: It was great collaborating with Donté, my brother, and friends. We are all one big family. If anything, it made work more fun and enjoyable, because you are hanging with your homies all day.

V: Lastly, what is your favorite piece from the collection and why?

EM: My favorite piece in the collection is the Wahine Warriors Jersey Tee. We sourced vintage fabrics from the sixties to replicate athletic jerseys from that time period. It’s the perfect fit. I’ve been wearing it everyday, and the colors are sick!


You can shop the brand here.

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