Puffer Jackets That Are Actually Flattering

We would never let you freeze in the name of fashion.

The best parts about the temperature dropping below 60 degrees are that the Lower East Side streets no longer smell of steaming sardine poison, and I get to discard my leaking Craigslist A/C window unit. But most of all, I can finally wear my treasured Saks Potts Fur Trim Trench Coat, the color of a Barbie Beach Cruiser or a lavender milkshake. But one thing is for sure: my majestic trench stands literally no chance against a slight winter breeze. I might as well be naked. We all have that one enchanting coat, whether it’s our grandmother’s chestnut mink fur, or some leather vintage gem. At the end of the day though, we all need a puffer jacket. If you’re like me, you fear the puffer. The agony of potentially looking like a seasonally depressed Marshmallow Man, or even worse, a Finance Bro. I would rather my lips turn blue during a smoke break than dawn a slim-fit Patagonia. 

But there’s no need to freeze in the name of fashion! Here’s a list of puffer jackets that are glamorous and all the rage, just like you. So, you don’t have to lose feeling in your fingers to be a trend-setter. 


1. Sea, Wren Quilted Jacket, $595

No need to settle for function over frills here. Get the best of both worlds. 

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


2. Acne, Sky Blue Down Puffer Jacket, $1,000

Who needs a sunlamp when you can literally wear a clear blue sky? 

Courtesy of Acne


3. Dior, Alps Hooded Down Jacket, $5,400 

Wear this on the slopes, or while sludging through slush on the way to the bar. Either way, you’ll be cozy and chic in this animal print bundle. 

Courtesy of Dior


4. Fendi, Vertigo Pattern Hooded Jacket, $2,850

Who knew a dizzy flash could be so fashion-forward? Give everyone a whirl with this coat. 

Courtesy of Fendi


5. Moncler, Bardanette Hooded Quilted Shell Down Jacket, $1,100

Call 9-1-1, this puffer jacket fire burning on the dance floor. Whoa. Pair it with latex red lips. 

Courtesy of Moncler


6. Burberry, Detachable Hood Check Recycled Polyester Puffer Jacket, $1,850

Plaid, Preppy, and Prepared for the cold. Get yourself a jacket that can do all three. 

Courtesy of Burberry


7. Mother, The Drop Pillow Talk Puffer, $545

This puffer jacket is just as angsty as you! Maybe it smells like teen spirit too. 

Courtesy of Mother


8. Sandy Liang, Jeffery Puffer Jacket, $890

Serve Shego from Kim Possible in this venomous green jacket. 

Courtesy of Sandy Liang

9. Dolce & Gabbana, Foiled nylon down jacket with graffiti print, $5,745

And the award goes to this rainbow splatter of puffer jacket vandalism! Because you belong to the streets first, and warmth second. 

Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana
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