It’s not every day that a pair of Aussie economics students on football scholarship take the modeling world by storm, but Jordan and Zac Stenmark have done it seemingly effortlessly. The twins quickly jumped from working in a café to a whole slew of editorial and commercial work. Most recently, the two even posed in V118’s “Spring Break” editorial shot by Max Papendieck.

Below, we caught up with the boys on life as twins, their similarities and differences, and how athleticism lends itself to modeling.

Zac wears swimsuit DSQUARED2, Jordan wears swimsuit RON DORFF | | Photography by Max Papendieck for V118

V: How did you both get started on your football careers at the University of Sydney?

Jordan and Zac: Our AFL (Australia rules football) careers started when we were scouted while playing basketball by the AFL and then ended up playing with GWS and also Sydney Uni while studying economics. It’s a great game and we still really enjoy going for a kick around on the weekends. Definitely get a lot of questions about the game when kicking in Central Park!

V: What role does athleticism have in modeling for you both?

Jordan and Zac: Athleticism has definitely played a role (though we didn’t realize it would). I think all the sport we played, being a coordination-based thing, makes you better understand how to use your body. Modeling shoots can be full-on, especially if it’s a big shoot over several days. Health and fitness are essential if you are to perform at your best and get the results that the client wants. Team sport makes you good at taking direction and makes you understand that you are one small part of the whole team. Most importantly, it teaches you the discipline you need in your working life.

V: Does competitiveness ever come into play with your current occupation?

Jordan and Zac: Competitiveness doesn’t really come into it. Of course, we both want to work with great people and brands but at the end of the day if one of us doesn’t get a job then we hope the other gets it.

Jordan and Zac wear swimsuits PRADA | Photography by Max Papendieck for V118

V: Why did you decide to pursue acting?

Jordan and Zac: We have always loved film and TV. There are so many amazing stories to be told and so many ways to tell them. We have always been interested in the process and transformation of characters and how your experiences can help you do that.

 V: How do you find a balance between modeling and continuing to pursue personal interests and hobbies?

Jordan and Zac: Balance is always a challenge but we feel balance is never a 50/50 scenario. Sometimes you are 95% work and 5% other and other times you are 30% work and 70% other/fun. It’s always good to remember to never do too much of the one thing.

V: What are some defining physical and personality traits that distinguish the two of you?

Zac: Physically, I usually have longer hair and don’t always have facial hair. I was born larger than Jord and have remained that way. Personally, I am extremely determined and passionate and love to jump into things head-first.

Jordan: Physically, my hair is shorter and I always have a bit of facial hair. Personally, I like to be more structured and organized! Love to have a bit of fun.

 V: Are there any guilty pleasures you both turn to for a break from your diets or fitness routines?


 V: What are some things that continue to inspire and motivate you?

Zac: My dad is one of my biggest inspirations as he manages to combine being driven and focused while always being kind, caring and generous with his time.

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