QASIMI Takes Over the Freehand Hotel to Celebrate New Fall/Winter Collection

The brand brings the vibrant style of the Middle East and North Africa to New York City.

The Georgia Room at New York City’s Freehand Hotel lit up with joy on June 27. QASIMI took over the luxurious space to celebrate their Fall/Winter collection and collaboration with Basel & Ruanne. Guests, such as Ian Michael Crumm, Vienna Skye, Angel Zheng, and Minnie Kim, gathered with Creative Director, Hoor Al Qasimi for cocktails and a night to remember.

Aissata Diallo, Ali Camara

For the collection, QASIMI uses Middle Eastern craft to explore culture and subculture. The brand transforms Middle Eastern and North African garments, techniques, and patterns are into the fashion of today with modern designs. Bright, bold colors, takeover pants, sweatshirts, and jackets, bring design motifs from the two sectors of the world to New York City.

Ropy knitwear, delicate silks, and tile-like graphics create dresses, shirts, and other garments. They truly show how QASIMI turns Middle Eastern and North African dress into modern, trending pieces. A key part of the new collection is the Keffiyeh scarf. Noted as a symbol of resistance and solidarity, the Keffiyeh design finds its way into a matelassé and other items. The Berber, a traditional piece of clothing in North Africa, is reimagined with parka silhouettes.

For the collaboration with Basel & Ruanne, QASIMI created a special t-shirt and hoodie to support the Palestinian people. All proceeds from the garments go to the Defense for Children International-Palestine. Both the t-shirt and hoodie are available to purchase on the QASIMI website.

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