QUEEN MUSIA is Cleaning Up the Beauty Industry

The new luxe makeup brand wants your products to work with, and not against, your body

Everything that we put on our bodies has an impact. Many of us build out seventeen-step skincare routines for the best skin we can, just to degrade it and dehydrate it with low-quality makeup. But why should our makeup products damage our physical health? Enter QUEEN MUSIA, your newest beauty obsession. Built entirely from clean and high-quality ingredients, QUEEN MUSIA’s new line of Matte Creme Lipsticks are meant to help your skin and perform impeccably at the same time. Plus, they look very artistic along the way.

Somewhat ironically, the name QUEEN MUSIA didn’t come from anything to do with clean materials or beauty products. No, it came from a cat. The founders’ cat, who sadly passed just under a year ago, was renowned for her natural beauty. Though their cat never sported makeup, people would continually ask how she was so beautiful. Thus, a beauty brand’s name (and initial concept) was born.

Named after great themes in literature, art, and nature, consumers have their choice of six lipstick shades: Ada, Dorian, Becky Sharp, Molly Bloom, Montreux, and Madame Bovary. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and made in Italy. Their clean mission also pervades the base materials used to craft the Matte Creme Lipsticks, with each shade containing seven oils and butters. This combination allows the product to be both lightweight and hydrating, which is so rare for a matte lipstick. Paired with a specialty QUEEN MUSIA spiral green case, the product is sure to draw eyes for its bold premise and futuristic design.

In the race to make the most eco-friendly, ethical makeup, many are looking to remove those big-name harms from their product. First, it was animal testing, then parabens and microplastics, and soon it was any animal products at all. It has become so common to see beauty products with laundry lists of excluded materials along their packaging. But why not center back in on the consumer? QUEEN MUSIA doesn’t want to just remove these ill-intentioned materials, but they want to add rejuvenating, hydrating mediums. Rather than just cut down, they add. It’s a radical way to think about makeup, as a means to heal and satisfy our skin. We can’t wait to see cleaner and performing products from QUEEN MUSIA!

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