Queer Eye in Quarantine

Your next isolation binge: season 5 of Queer Eye is set to be released on June 5.

For those of us fortunate enough to stay home, quarantine came with a font of possibilities: the time to take a collective sigh of relief, to start that journal, to (finally) put on the film that just should’ve won the Oscar. It’s been portrayed as a seldom-found chance for solitude, one for self invention and re-invention. Yet, if you’re anything like us, those ideas have been left for the all-encompassing ‘tomorrow’for today, the latest TikTok challenge requires your full attention. 

If you haven’t made the ‘for you page’ yet, fear not: our favorite quintet is coming back on June 5 for season 5 of Queer Eye. And while you might not become a ‘coronapreneur’ (nor should you feel compelled to), you might receive just the antidote to your lethargy. Perhaps it’s a few words of French taught by monsieur Antoni, insight into the missing ingredient in your skincare routine, or even a newfound desire to resolve things with your ex (thanks Karamo). At the very least, what Queer Eye offers is a glimpse of the intrapersonal relations too often missing in these times, and the acts of care which move us forward.

For no one needs an exhaustingly upbeat reminder of all they’re not doing—whether in quarantine or not. Rather than palatable hyper-productivity, or some appropriation of ‘self-care’, Queer Eye comes with a constructive approach towards whatever ‘improvement’ means to you. Whether that’s a meaningful reflection on internalized intolerance, or adding some lemon to your water, it’s more than enough.

The official trailer has yet to come out, though we do know the cast heads to Philadelphia, as seen in the promotional instagram


Photo: Queer Eye (@queereye) on Instagram

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