R.E.M.'s Blue L.A.

R.E.M.'s Blue L.A.


What do James Franco + Lindsay Lohan + Terry Richardson + Patti Smith + R.E.M. equal? Apparently, a music video, premiered a year and a half after the the album it accompanies came out. To clarify: R.E.M. released Collapse Into Now on March 7, 2011. Yesterday, November 15, 2012, their YouTube channel published the video for "Blue"—a song featuring Patti Smith—directed by James Franco, starring a medley of L.A. socialites, including a blonde Lindsay Lohan, getting photographed by Terry Richardson.

The result is surprisingly not frustrating. In fact, it's a return to the type of serene, dissaffected music video we miss from the sultry days of shoegaze, depicting an Easton Ellis-ian Los Angeles no less vapid—and no less remarkable—than ever. The question, as with any of Franco's artistic non-actorly endeavors, is not if the work succeeds, but if its messiness (condering its tardiness) is intentional. The answer is: Does it matter?

Check it out for yourself above.


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